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Continuous Churning Gelato Machines

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  • Our machines have been specially designed for constant churning
  • The electric power required is extremely low (0.75 kW / cylinder) with considerable reduction in energy consumption
  • All functions of each cylinder are completely independent
  • It is possible to top up each cylinder with fresh liquid mix or add other ingredients (fruit, chocolate, nuts) any time
  • The churning process is visible to the customer, all the time
  • The machine works perfectly with a small amount of ice cream thus reducing wastage to the minimum
  • The consistency of the ice cream can be adjusted to taste by simply varying the mixer speed
  • The mixer speed is driven by a geared motor and inverter, a solution that guarantees higher reliability and the best mixing of the freshly-added liquid mix with the ice cream already present in the cylinder
  • The optimal cooling power level is guaranteed by the use of a thermostatic valve
  • Both body and frame are made from
  • AISI 304 stainless steel
  • Water-cooled models can be supplied with an energy meter to monitor the water flow and working temperature

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