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PastoChef Equipment

Call for Price

  • All in one, Pastochef cooks, cools, mixes and ages reduces time and labor
  • Control Panel/Programs are easy to operate
  • select the program and add ingredients according to machine requirements
  • Perfect Temperature Control prevents thermal inertia, guarantees perfect crystallization of the chocolate molecules, prevents product burning, makes it possible to cool and cook at precise temperatures according to product requirements.
  • Rapid Product Cooling Increases product shell life
  • Patented System Guarantees hygiene and the absence of bacteria in the finished product
  • Ergonomic Design Makes Pastochef very easy to use and operate
  • Spray Hose and Few Components are easy to clean
  • Small Footprint - Saves space
  • Safety - The Pastochef RTX’s memory remains active in case of an electrical blackout or loss of water supply
  • Special Lid Design made with a special polymer, the transparent cover allows a clear view of the machine at work
  • Unique Beater Design features eight different blending modes
  • Adjustable Shelf made of stainless steel and covered with a rubber mat
  • Multi-Functional Spigot is designed for extracting both liquid and dense products.

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