Blast Freezer

GTI’s selection of blast freezers and Blast Chillers will rapidly cool your frozen, refrigerated or hot products. Blast freezers are essential for any gelato, ice cream, sorbet, popsicle or pastry concept However, our Blast freezers and Blast Chiller line can be used across the board for all food service operations. GTI Designs is your one stop shop for blast chiller, gelato freezer, blast freezer and commercial blast chillers. Designed in Europe for North America and to be serviced and supported in North America. All GTI cases are backed by our Nationwide service network and built with US certified parts.  European Design, American Practicality – set yourself apart

Contact us at 631-981-2100 and and our design consultants will find the right sized blast freezer for your project.

For information on starting, designing, renovating or adding to your food service location, please fill out the following form and a GTI Designs representative will contact you promptly.